Trafficked Aboriginal Women in Canada

Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada (research)

Flesh trade targets natives (2008 Sun article)

Aboriginal Women part of Canada’s trafficking crisis (2014 Star article)

Human trafficking: Why aboriginal women are targeted (2014 CBC article)

The Trafficked: The story behind our investigation into the exploitation of indigenous women and girls (2016 Globe & Mail article)

The Trafficked: How sex trafficking works in Canada (2016 Globe & Mail article)

Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls: Literature Review and Key Informant Interviews – Final Report (research & interviews)

Domestic Sex Trafficking of Aboriginal Girls in Canada: Issues and Implications (academic journal)



Intro to Post-Colonial & Aboriginal Studies

Vocabulary for the unit to know for end-of-unit test:

Know basic details of the major landmark documents of Aboriginal-Governmental relations (we will study these further in class):

Finally, some enlightening videos!

HIV: If there’s a will… from VideoNexus Productions on Vimeo.

First Nations Films – THE MEDICINE WHEEL – trailer from First Nations Films on Vimeo.