Same-Sex Attraction in the Church

Welcome. This page serves as a non-exhaustive list of resources that may be helpful as young Christians navigate the incredibly important issue of sexuality. The appearance of any particular resource on this page does not mean it is endorsed by this blog, but simply that it has been recognized to add value and insight to the conversation around this topic.

Why is there such a debate over homosexuality? We will talk further about this in class. In the meantime…

Print Resources

Reading books on this topic can be the most refreshing, enlightening, and stimulating mental activities to do. Following an author’s careful (hopefully) argument and journey through story and the presentation of facts or examples helps us to understand not only the issues, but the cultural, historical, and philosophical context the issue is situated in.

Andrew Marin’s Love is an Orientation

Wesley Hill’s Washed and Waiting

Justin Lee’s Torn


Online Resources

The Gay Christian Network

The Great Debate

When it comes to gay Christians, there’s one question that causes more debate than any other:  Does God bless gay relationships?  Or are gay Christians called to lifelong celibacy?

At GCN, we have members on both sides of this “great debate,” and some who just aren’t sure.  And though this issue is hotly debated among Christians worldwide, we’ve decided not to debate it here.  However, in the interest of discussion and dialogue about this very important subject, two of our members have written opposing essays expressing their very different points of view.

On “Side A” is Justin’s essay. Justin believes that God blesses same-sex marriages.

On “Side B” is Ron’s essay. Ron believes that God calls gay Christians to lifelong celibacy.

Both Justin and Ron are gay Christians, but they have very different views about sex, relationships, and the Bible.  Whether you agree with Justin or with Ron (or perhaps with neither!), you can feel welcome here.


LGBTQ Issues in Society

LGBTQ: basic wikipedia definition

A few key issues of social justice:

  • Discrimination on basis of sexual orientation, including hate speech and hate crimes
  • Common misunderstandings and controversy around sexuality or sexual orientation
  • Desired right to marriage; legal battles and controversies
  • Lack of respectful, mutual dialogue on these topics

A video playlist for your perusal

Other stuff

The Conservative Party Moves On . . . And So Should Everyone Else (Stackhouse)


Trafficked Aboriginal Women in Canada

Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada (research)

Flesh trade targets natives (2008 Sun article)

Aboriginal Women part of Canada’s trafficking crisis (2014 Star article)

Human trafficking: Why aboriginal women are targeted (2014 CBC article)

The Trafficked: The story behind our investigation into the exploitation of indigenous women and girls (2016 Globe & Mail article)

The Trafficked: How sex trafficking works in Canada (2016 Globe & Mail article)

Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls: Literature Review and Key Informant Interviews – Final Report (research & interviews)

Domestic Sex Trafficking of Aboriginal Girls in Canada: Issues and Implications (academic journal)


Gender Studies: A Few Resources

1.  This Feminist Current blog piece spells out the current realities of  the 2014 federal legislation (Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act),  how it’s not being enforced, and what REED and our allies are helping some neighbours to do about it.

2.  A readable resource for ongoing thinking re: prostitution/trafficking would be this terrific Globe & Mail series:

3.  REED’s website, which is undergoing a rewrite/update, has great resources on these pages:

human trafficking:



4. Sexiness, Social Media, and Teenage Girls: Note To Self Podcast

5. The Books Being Feminist, Being Christian (Allyson Jule & Bettina Tate Pedersen) and Jesus Feminist (Sarah Bessey) are fantastic, peer-edited works with excellent scholarship.

6.  Finally, as you seemed very engaged by issue of patriarchy and specifically biblical teaching on leadership/”headship” in marriage, I forward you Christians for Biblical Equality International’s biblical statement.  It’s a bit heavy, perhaps not for some.  Could be nice for parents or other school staff to see such a biblically-thoughtful resource.  CBE Int’l is a beautiful organization, in the words of Mary-Lee Bouma, one of our guest speakers.

Here’s a short, easy-to-read piece on the same topic:

Role Reversal, The Catcall, and Authentic Value

After watching The Mask You Live In, our conversation in our talking circle was moved forward by three questions:

  1. What are you learning?
  2. What are you feeling?
  3. Where do we go from here?

One participant suggested that we look at some gender role-reversals. Thanks Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan for providing the fodder. (And thanks, Cosmo franchise, for being a massively hypocritical publishing conglomerate)

I found this one interesting… what are your thoughts?