Gender Studies: A Few Resources

1.  This Feminist Current blog piece spells out the current realities of  the 2014 federal legislation (Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act),  how it’s not being enforced, and what REED and our allies are helping some neighbours to do about it.

2.  A readable resource for ongoing thinking re: prostitution/trafficking would be this terrific Globe & Mail series:

3.  REED’s website, which is undergoing a rewrite/update, has great resources on these pages:

human trafficking:



4. Sexiness, Social Media, and Teenage Girls: Note To Self Podcast

5. The Books Being Feminist, Being Christian (Allyson Jule & Bettina Tate Pedersen) and Jesus Feminist (Sarah Bessey) are fantastic, peer-edited works with excellent scholarship.

6.  Finally, as you seemed very engaged by issue of patriarchy and specifically biblical teaching on leadership/”headship” in marriage, I forward you Christians for Biblical Equality International’s biblical statement.  It’s a bit heavy, perhaps not for some.  Could be nice for parents or other school staff to see such a biblically-thoughtful resource.  CBE Int’l is a beautiful organization, in the words of Mary-Lee Bouma, one of our guest speakers.

Here’s a short, easy-to-read piece on the same topic:


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